Xindali Industry Co., Ltd 

Xindali Industry Co., Ltd

lamp, signal lamp, traffic signal lamp, energy-saving signal lamp manufacturers and suppliers--Xindali Industry Co., Ltd mainly produces and sells switches with buttons, indication lamps, energy-saving signal lamps, switch, will smith switch, router switch and other series of products. The company situates in the greatest low-voltage appliance market---Liushi in Wenzhou. Its distance to the Wenzhou harbor is only 20 kilometers and the distance to the airport is 40 kilometers; it faces the Qili Harbor to the south and the beautiful Yandang Mountain to the north. The transportation by land and water is very convenient. After a certain period of effective work, the company has gradually developed and expanded day by day, the products, lamp, signal lamp, traffic signal lamp, energy-saving signal lamp have been sold to all places in the country, and to the Middle East, Southeastern Asia, Africa, Europe and South and North America, and so on. We sincerely welcome the vast new and old clients to come to our company, we will provide best custom products, lamps, signal lamps, traffic signal lamps, energy-saving signal lamps and best prices and credible, high-quality and highly effective services for you as always.

Add: Sulv Industrial Zone, Liushi, Yueqing city, China
P.C.: 325604
Tel: 0086-577-62790977, 62795533
Fax: 0086-577-62790977, 62790988
Contact person: Mr. Liu

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